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Delta 8 VS Do Eight Nano Delta 8

Let's start by explaining what Nano Delta 8 is?

We referred to "Nano Delta 8" to the Nanotechnology we are utilizing to bring a better Delta 8 experience to you by nanotizing the cannabinoid particles down to 50 nanometers or less. The size of a human hair is 75,000 nanometers (or nm) in diameter. This process has enabled us to deliver unique products like our mouth sprayer with all the advantages of Nano Delta 8 that hopefully are enough to make you decide if your conventional Delta 8 is better than any of our products containing Nano Delta 8.

Do Eight Nano Delta 8 mouth spray mint

What are the advantages of Nano Delta 8?

Are you tired of buying milky Delta 8 drinks? and Have you noticed the settlements in the bottle once you leave it at rest for a day? That's because Delta 8 is not water soluble by nature and it takes some skills to do it right. Our Nanotechnology has allowed us to make crystal clear drinks where you don't have to shake or worry that you are leaving some Delta 8 behind in the bottle because it is stuck to the bottle.

As mentioned previously, the particles of our Nano Delta 8 products are so small that allows the body to absorb the Delta 8 faster and at a greater capacity over conventional Delta 8 products. The fast absorption allows the body to process D8 faster resulting in faster effects. You will start feeling the Delta 8 effects within 15 minutes and as fast as an hour to feel the full effects. So if you are tired of waiting for your edibles to hit, stop waiting!

The only drawback and not sure if it can be considered a drawback is the fast absorption at the same time enables the body to release and process the Delta 8 faster. Keep in mind that at the end of the day, any Delta 8 product like edibles that are consumed orally should be treated as such, so please be responsible and follow the recommend dosage in the labels until you find how much Delta 8 is the right amount for you.

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